Moving the Goalposts...

Ignore the ‘scare-mongering’, GDPR needn’t be complicated or expensive to engage with
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Legacy Data

If you have invested in your current internal data, you need to establish how to make it compliant, because changing ‘processes’ for 2018 wont change your existing data.

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Its not about fines

For most smaller businesses, the threat from GDPR isn’t about big fines, its about your customers needing you to be ‘compliant’ a supplier to remove any risk to them.

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Possible grants

Although it won’t be available in the future, there are some types of company that are eligible for grant support to help them to become GDPR compliant. It will take 2 minutes to establish if you are eligible. Just ask us.

Find out how we can help you deal with both process, training AND legacy data issues for GDPR

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