September 29, 2017

Our skill-set

The most common challenges that we solve include:

  • Identifying customers with a low ‘share of wallet’ for ‘quick wins’
  • Fixing legacy Data problems as they eat into marketing budgets.
  • Reducing the cost of buying the right new data to nearly zero
  • Integrating your data with that of a new acquisition
  • Visuallising where you really are at present, and where you should be aiming for Scoring prospects by ‘Best Sales Potential’ to improve targeting effectiveness
  • Using our purchasing power to build new databases more cost effectively
  • Building and deduping multi-source lists that exclude your in-house data
  • Improving balance between sales territories for better productivity
  • Delivering M&A Due Diligence from a marketing viewpoint Identify potential Share of Wallet improvements and then deliver them
  • To develop the solutions, we have an independent forensic data Laboratory.

We run an initial diagnostic to identify your opportunities for improvement, and then define the milestones of a robust solution

But if all you need is some simple advice over a coffee on using and leveraging your data for better results, we put that down to ‘networking’.