September 3, 2017

Better new business revenue

Finding your best opportunities used to be about: “Do they buy our products or services?” Now it has to be about: “How much do they buy, how profitable is it, when are they in the market and how attractive is our offer?

In any New Business initiative, there is usually a waste factor of 10% – 60% of the Sales or Marketing budget, brought about by ‘conventional’ targeting.

If you talk to every member of your management team, they will all have different views about who should be targeted, and what should be offered to them. In the absence of hard ‘analysis’, everyone will draw on their own recent, subjective experiences.

Advanced Targeting’ is a process that uses a range of analysis tools to identify the sizes and types of business where your Sales & Marketing budgets will give you at least double the result you currently aim for.

We can help you to understand how to create improvements in both existing client revenues and new client value

There are two main steps:

– We estimate roughly how much our analysis will improve your profitability.

– Then if it’s worth doing, we will deliver a detailed, guaranteed result.

We use a wide variety of internal and external data to report on where sales development activity can create the most spectacular improvements – and we can tell you exactly how much to expect.

Due to the current market conditions, we believe that you will want to see if there is an Advanced Targeting solution for you.