August 31, 2017

Improving channel performance

Intelligent channel Reward schemes can add 20% to the turnover and value you get from your reseller network. We can offer two unique features –

We can identify your partners with the greatest potential for improvement, so your Rewards budget gets the best return on investment In most cases we can identify new sales opportunities to help your partner create even more income.

We use one particular Rewards partner because they have an impressive and loyal client base, and they have helped us to integrate customised solutions to fit within the wider business development programmes that we build.

There is no fee for the management of the programme. Income derives solely from the awarding of points.

Our philosophy is realistic; if the scheme works, then everyone wins. So the monthly cost of points awarded will cover all scheme management, hosting, points redemption and reporting. As a result we can deliver a new generation Online solution, that can be fully ‘white labelled’ to your brand, run with any type of incentive, managed and set up remotely and with a full communications and reporting capability.

Whether you are already using a scheme, or simply want to find out if one could help drive extra results, you need to talk to a specialist that is approachable, and has a unique approach to delivering value.

If you are just looking for a stand-alone rewards partner, we are happy to introduce you to ours.