September 29, 2017

An interactive approach


The problem with GDPR is that it has different implications for almost every company. They all have different internal resources, different business models, different sales & marketing plans and different HR policies.

So expensive ‘one size fits all’ software may be a sledgehammer for a relatively small ‘nut’, and outsourced consulting engagements can tend to be a bit ‘open ended’.


Our approach to helping you become GDPR compliant is based on providing only as much individual help as you need, and comes in two stages;

  1. An initial stand-alone Diagnostic stage run by an expert, that helps you understand how big your challenge really is, how long it will take you to complete, and creates a costed Action Plan for delivery.  It has minimal cost and a money-back guarantee. ‘more detail‘.
  2. The Compliance delivery programme uses the same expert (who now understands your challenges), and combines Software, Face-to-Face, Telephone and Email support as necessary, but where your company does as much of the grunt work as you choose. This approach minimises total cost and improves your in-house understanding of your solution. ‘‘more detail’

We are unusual because;

  • We use people as well as technology to design your action plan and help you to deliver it (this isn’t just another software offering).
  • We know that a Recruitment agency doesn’t have the same data, processes and requirements as a GP’s surgery, so we have specialists that understand and have experience of specific types of business.
  • We are just as happy helping smaller businesses as larger ones.
  • We not only help you to become GDPR compliant going forward, but if you also have lots of existing ‘Legacy’ data, we can help you to find the best way to stop it being illegal to use or store after this year.
  • Finally, we are unusual because for some types of SMEs we can arrange Grant support to help the cost of a GDPR transformation.