September 29, 2017

Sourcing Innovation from the UK


As an Asian distributor in almost any market, there are times when you need to find better suppliers for your existing product ranges,

Or you need to find Innovative new products  from the other side of the world, when you don’t even know what is available.

And you need to do it quickly.

Short peaks of this type of intense specialist activity are typically not well handled by busy internal staff, and niche suppliers are hard to engage quickly, especially if you are looking globally.

Distant time zones are often more likely to offer better opportunities, but are much more difficult to communicate/ operate in,  and conventional channels don’t work well because you aren’t looking for bulk, ‘commodities’.

We visit exhibitions, do desk research, evaluate supplier’s qualifications and run initial interviews, so that you don’t need to.

And we do it quickly, exclusively, based on a one-off fixed success fee – when we have delivered.


Having a ‘local’ guy on your side helps too…..