October 8, 2017

Our Value-add approach

We enable you to find opportunities without the months of groundwork.

You tell us what specific types of buyer you are looking for and we will find the ones that are in the market within your timescale.

We dont wait for a buyer to hold his hand up and ask for pitches, we talk to companies before they create their ITTs.

For example;

  • We have created a new market two separate types of valve manufacturer wanting new Asian distribution networks,
  • Suppliers of Predictive Maintenence, Gas instrumentation, Waste Water Treatment plants, Flow Meters, Specialist Electric Cables etc…


We only work for one supplier in any product area, so there are no ‘Beauty Parades’

Commercially we charge on a success fee basis, so we take all the risk.

Our approach aims to complement the DIT’s ‘GREAT’ initiative by connecting smaller sellers to smaller buyers …