September 3, 2017

Increasing Up-sell opportunities

Although attracting new clients must be a basic objective of nearly every business, there can be some amazing opportunities for increasing the turnover generated from existing customer relationships.

The challenge is always to understand where the potential exists.

Historically, we have found that the sales team will have an unduly optimistic view of their sales skills. They will believe that they have got all of the business they can get from each of their current clients.


Customer repeat income in decline because account management was inefficient, but un-trackable


Profile report of the customers with highest Up-sell potential, prioritised third party contact identifies actual ‘share of wallet’ values and facilitates new sales discussions – £250k net gain in three months

One of our techniques allows us to identify the individual customers that are most likely to have significant potential to increase sales.

Similarly, it sometimes isn’t obvious that some of your customers could be buying extra product lines from you that you didn’t even know they purchased. We can show you which customers and which products.

This ‘Current Client’ module can create specific lists of the companies that are most likely to either buy more of their existing products, or extra products from your range that they are not buying at present, or both.