September 3, 2017

Getting the timing right

We can just show you how to achieve your ‘New Business’ objective, or we can stay and help you to deliver the result.

So how do you solve the timing dilemma?

We work on the principle that most businesses tend to have a general momentum that carries them on from month to month. They have a group of existing suppliers that suit all their needs and no real need to change.

That is, until some sort of Significant Event affects them. It could be anything from a merger or acquisition, to the opening of a new branch in a new country, to the launching of a new product, or even a redundancy programme!

Cold calling is a numbers game. Out of ten identical Prospects, only one is an opportunity

– because only they have a problem

Over the years we have created a number of ‘intelligence’ feeds and relationships that let us know when companies have certain types of problems. Being able to talk to these companies at the right time gets much better conversion rates.

In any of these cases, the Prospect is taken out of his comfort zone and therefore needs to look for new suppliers to help him solve his problem. We can find him at that moment.

Why does this approach tend to be so successful? Because it solves the ‘timing’ problem in a stroke, allowing you to offer your solution at a time when there is a need, so you are pushing on a partly open door.