September 3, 2017

Increasing Territory Yield

Whether your sales team are on the road, in the office or both, there is usually a 200% difference between the real potential available in the smallest and the largest territories.

This means that your ace sales performer may be no better than any of his colleagues, he may just have a much larger pond to fish in.

Similarly, your worst sales performer may simply have a territory that is so geographically spread out that he spends too much of his time driving from meeting to meeting.


12 sales territories with large inequalities that wasted opportunities, increased ‘time in the car’ and made targets unworkable

A redesigned territory solution that equalised workload, minimised drive-times and increased average territory yield by 8%

These types of issue typically reduce sales performance by between 4% – 10%:

You are wasting lots of sales opportunity in a territory which has too much potential

The sales team is demotivated by unfair sales targets

You are wasting selling time in territories that take too much travel-time to service


The solution is to create a territory planning solution that has two objectives:

Each territory has an equal amount of either workload or opportunity

All the above territories have the minimum possible average drive time to service them

If you simply need to get more performance out of your existing team, we can help you to re-design existing territories so that you maximise the ability to improve sales.

If your sales team is understaffed, we can help you decide where is the best place to recruit a new replacement, or how to redistribute the vacant area.

If your sales team is overstaffed, we can help you to understand the full impact of losing an under-performer.