August 30, 2017

Market Research


Market Shape has been in business for 22 years, delivering market research projects across the UK and overseas.   Our clients range from Blue Chip to mid-tier companies across almost Professional and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.

In the Public sector, we are a ‘Quality Assured’ solution provider for Business Link (their highest level of certification) and are accredited with the LSC.

In the private sector, we have also passed the Due Dilligence processes of The Daily Telegraph, Accenture, Investors in People, BT, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Royal Bank of Scotland, and KPMG.

As a result, we compete quite happily with ‘top twenty’ professional services companies and the more old fashioned research houses, but with overheads that make us attractively competitive.

We are a member of the British Quality Foundation (BQF), a not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes business excellence to private, public and voluntary organisations. The BQF is Europe’s largest corporate membership organisation promoting performance improvement and excellence.